Women’s Equality Party: a new dawn for change

Women's Equality PartyI had the privilege of speaking at the launch of the Women’s Equality Party’s new policies on 20 October. I had been a member of the parenting policy working group, led by Jeszemma Garrett. When Jesz was asked to present the parenting policy at the launch, she insisted it had to be presented by a mother/father double act, so I ended up in front of the nation’s media on the stage. It was a huge honour, all thanks to Jesz’s vision of equality.

I wrote a post about the launch for Work Care Share, Women’s Equality Party: a new dawn for change.

Jesz also wrote a post that presents what the new Party thinks about fatherhood: 15 Ways the Women’s Equality Party Stands up for Fathers. It is quite amazing, given the history of earlier equality politics!

I am proud to be a member of the Party – the first time I ever joined a political party!