Voices in the Middle: sustainable at last

WHY FestivalFinally, three years into the Voices in the Middle project, we have found a sustainable funding mechanism: at our fifth attempt. We kept going long enough to find the right path.

The model has three parts:

  • a membership for family lawyers and mediators costing just £6 or £8 of £10/month;
  • incredibly low overheads by working without an office;
  • employing a team of five students to run the service, each doing 12 hours of work a month for £100 – they are coordinated by Emily, pictured here.

We need 250 members and we’ve just past 200. We will get there!

Now that we can commit long-term to working with young people, they can get to grips with the project and are already planning a make-over of everything.

It will really be a service for young people, run by young people and featuring content created by young people.

I can hardly believe how difficult it has been to create this. For all the talk of the importance of children when parents separate or divorce, the reality is there is almost nothing for them – everyone focuses on the parents. And, of course, it is the parents who have the money for family lawyers and mediators – the young people in the middle have nothing.