Voices in the Middle campaign launched!

Voices in the MiddleThe new campaign of Kids in the Middle is up – VoicesintheMiddle.org.uk. I am really pleased with the design and the video of the young people (done at Whitchurch School in Cardiff).

The campaign is calling on young people who have been through separation to tell their stories and offer advice to parents and other young children. Then we will put this material where people can see it – because if you go on-line, there is hardly anything there by young people in separating families, compared to acres of print about them.

The biggest challenge for this project has been funding, because no foundation will touch it – we cannot prove these children are “high need” and we cannot pick out the high risk ones from all the others because they don’t show themselves. So we have structured this as joint local campaigns with local law and mediation firms, which help their marketing at the same time as allowing the campaign to become visible.

To make this effective, we have constructed the website as blocks of embeddable code, so that partner organisations can put almost the entire contents of our site onto their site and make it their own. Below are the blocks of content that they can put on their websites – so you can see almost all of the new site on this very page!


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Have you been through it? Tell your story here. Do you have advice for parents or young people going through it? Tell it here. Stories, top tips, poems, songs, video diaries – you choose! We will publish the best things on this site.

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