Fatherhood.Global launched

Fatherhood GlobalI have launched a new on-line service! For years I have believed that one way the parenting sector can give good advice about fatherhood is to tell people what the research says, given that it is so unknown and yet so illuminating. The trouble is that the editors of parenting channels don’t know the research themselves – they don’t know what they don’t know.

So as parents on-line, both mothers and fathers, demand more intelligent material on fatherhood, and as advertisers demand that parenting channels engage with fathers more effectively, I had the idea of creating a website that acts as a shop-window for the research world, promoting the work of researchers to parenting channels.

With funding from the Jacobs Foundation for just one year, I have set up Fatherhood.Global, featuring the work of researchers the world over.

We will, over at The Family Initiative, incubate a longer-term future for the website.